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Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Storage Designed for Business

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX range of storage solutions from Fujitsu provides a seamless family of products which all use the same software management ETERNUS SF and provide an easy upgrade path to larger models.  Fujitsu ETERNUS DX supports many disk drive types in both capacity and size as well as support SSD for super high performance allied to rock solid data protection and reliability.

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX combines leading performance architecture with automated quality of service management the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX series aligns storage resources with business priorities, thus enabling higher system utilisation and delivering increased system consolidation capabilities and a faster ROI. Unified scalable entry-level and midrange systems, a seamless family concept enabling system upgrades and ETERNUS SF, the unified management suite across the product line, reduce operational and migration costs. ETERNUS SF provides enterprise-class functionalities in the entry and mid-range class and allows flexible disaster recovery concepts for the different model sizes, thus decreasing investment costs.

Why choose the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX?

The Fujitsu Storage range of SAN storage Fujitsu ETERNUS DX and data deduplication appliances ETERNUS CS provide world leading features and functionality from one of the top 5 global computer companies. The ETERNUS DX S4 now the 4th generation of Fujitsu storage platforms is the only storage company whose management software is the same throughout the entire model range.Fujitsu ETERNUS DX

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX S4 Unified feature delivers block and file services to provide maximum flexibility for your data centre demands. The new Extreme Cache delivers up to 5.6 TB of expanded cache to maximise storage performance for high performance demands making the DX500/DX600 S4 one of the first hybrid flash storage systems in the world.

With a host of connectivity options including Fibre Channel 32Gb, iSCSI, NAS & FCoE ensures you can connect your Fujitsu ETERNUS DX to your existing infrastructure with ease, whilst at the same time support VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix for your virtualised platforms.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Storage

Some of the reason why we like the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX

  • Fujitsu is the only company I know that has a single storage product family that can be expanded as and when required.
  • Fujitsu’s products are also the fastest performing and they build them to perform from the outset
  • Their commitment to the environment is very forward thinking and again across the product range Fujitsu products provide the Greenest credentials, including the materials they use.
  • Fujitsu is the only company left that manufacturer everything from a supercomputer through to a tablet PC & phone and everything in between including network switches!
  • People within Fujitsu look at products over their entire life-span – This means that if as the customer you need bios level X,Y,Z then your systems will always be supplied with this revision.
  • 99% of the UK population is touched by a Fujitsu system everyday.
  • Fujitsu have complete control of the design, build, manufacturing and testing of their products, ensuring 100% quality and product compatibility
  • The people I work with in Fujitsu are always willing to go that extra mile in order to meet a customer’s expectations or provide something to solve a problem
  • As they are one of the top 3 global service providers there support and backup service is outstanding
  • Fujitsu doesn’t just make products it provides services, infrastructure and cloud solutions
  • Their new ETERNUS CS8000 data deduplication unified backup and archive appliance is the fastest in the world!

The ETERNUS CS range of data deduplication appliances is the fastest backup appliance on the market and works with all the leading brands of software.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Models
Compact, cost-effective disk storage systems with enterprise-class system reliability for file and block storage demands. ETERNUS® DX100 S4, DX200 S4 and AF250 S2 provide solutions to those data management issues small to medium enterprises struggle with daily.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S4 supports up to 144 disk drives
Fujitsu ETERNUS DX200 S4 supports up to 264 disk drives
Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S2 supports up to 48 SSD disk drives.

The Fujitsu ETERNUS® DX500 S4 and DX600 S4 disk storage systems are purpose built for data centres and virtualised environments. Fujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S4 flexibly scales up to 528 disk drives, Fujitsu ETERNUS DX600 S4 up to 1,056 disk drives. Flexible capacity upgrades are possible with non-stop robustness. With their rich and advanced high-end features and state of the art technology they meet customer demands for simplicity, efficiency and affordability.

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX S4 Unified feature delivers block and file services to provide maximum flexibility for your datacentre demands.

The ETERNUS® DX8700 S3 high end disk storage system delivers scalability for large enterprises for complex datacentre and virtualized infrastructures. Delivering scalability from 2 to 8 storage controllers with support for Thin Provisioning and Auto Storage Tiers the new DX8700 S3 storage system is a powerful green storage solution for simplifying storage management and maximising the performance/cost balance for enterprise solutions.

Start small and expand as your data grows. Compact, cost-effective disk storage systems with enterprise-class system reliability. Fujitsu ETERNUS® DX60 S4 provides solutions to those data management issues that small enterprises struggle with daily.

As a fully accredited and certified Fujitsu Expert partner we believe the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX provides a very competing and compelling argument compared to the competition.

Read our blog on the Fujitsu ETERNUS and find out more!

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