Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 S2 Hyper Scale Storage Solution

Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 S2 Hyper-Scale Storage Solution

The Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 S2 is a hyperscale, software-defined storage system designed to manage vast amounts of data. A configuration can start small and grow in line with the business. The architecture allows individual storage nodes to be added, exchanged and upgraded without downtime. Fujitsu integrates open source Ceph software in a complete and fully supported solution.Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 S2

Organizations are drowning in data as the global amount of information generated and kept on-line continues to multiply. There are three key problems: increased demands on scalability, greater complexity and cost, and the threat of major disruption when data goes offline during migration between systems, due to physical storage limitations.

Hyperscale, software-defined storage promises a more flexible storage model where data and services must flow more freely when applications change and systems scale up and down.

ETERNUS CD10000 provides unlimited, modular scalability of storage capacity and performance at zero downtime for instant and cost efficient online access to extensive data volumes. Integrating open-source Ceph software into a storage system delivered with end-to-end maintenance from Fujitsu, enables IT organizations to fully benefit from open standards without implementation and operational risks.

The CD10000 is a software-defined and hyper-scale storage system. It provides a scale-out architecture enabling customers to start with a capacity of a few terabytes and to scale up to 50 petabytes and more by just adding storage nodes. Such extreme scalability enables IT organisations and service providers to manage exponential and unpredictable data growth. The internal architecture is based on the open source storage software Ceph and server technology from Fujitsu.  Regarding Ceph we work together with Red Hat and their distribution.  Around the software and the hardware we have wrapped a unified management system creating a single system image as users know from conventional storage systems. The complete solution is sold as an appliance integrating all hardware and software elements. This includes complete maintenance and support services. The customer is thus buying a complete storage system with end-to-end quality assurance and support.

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