Fujitsu ETERNUS DX8900 S3

Fujitsu DX8900 S3 Massively Scalable Storage System

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX8900 S3 systems are purpose-built for large enterprises and ideal for the data management of business-critical core applications and the consolidation of biggest data centres. The Quad Star Architecture with 2 to 24 controllers provides storage capacity with up to 4608 disk drives and performance of more than 4 million IOPS.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX8900 S3 Overview

Fujitsu ETERNUS 8900 S3The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX8900 S3 disk storage system is purpose-built for biggest enterprises and ideal for the data management of business-critical core applications and the hyper-consolidation of large-scale data centers. ETERNUS DX8900 S3 provides non-disruptive capacity upgrades with up to 4608 disk drives, just by adding disks or complete drive enclosures. Performance of more than 4 million IOPS is provided by configurations based on 2 to 24 controllers and a maximum of 384 front-end ports for host connectivity. For simultaneous connection to different network types, FC, FCoE and iSCSI host interfaces can operate in mixed configurations.

Tiered storage optimisation using a range of SAS, Nearline SAS and SSD drive options lowers the overall total cost of storage. The challenges of data exposure protection are addressed by self-encrypting drives (SED). Flexible and automated management across different quality of service profiles, using different drive types for each application scenario, ensures efficient assignment of system resources matched to the performance priorities of different applications. Highest availability and seamless business continuity is guaranteed by redundant interconnections to the
storage array and internal redundant components and completed by transparent fail-over which ensures uninterrupted operation in case of an outage.

Fujitsu ETERNUS 8900 S3 Datasheet

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