Fujitsu ETERNUS SF Software Management Suite

The ETERNUS SF Software Management Suite is the perfect fit for ETERNUS DX disk storage systems. It reduces the total cost of ownership, simplifies monitoring and management and helps to achieve business continuity. The following ETERNUS SF functionalities are available to meet individual requirements:

ETERNUS SF Express: to simplify the set-up and administration of ETERNUS DX entry-level models
ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser: For advanced management, stable operation of all ETERNUS DX storage systems and SAN management
ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager: To leverage the high-speed internal and external volume copy functions of ETERNUS DX

ETERNUS SF Software optimises storage resources in complex IT environments. Its flexible and transparent license model guarantees that customers only pay for the functions they require. Furthermore, controller-based licensing ensures that customers can add capacity without extra license costs. The license key protection function for ETERNUS SF is structured according to functional and upgradable modules for each individual customer requirement. Each module and additional dedicated features can be activated by entering a license key in the ETERNUS SF integrated manager. When adding a license to an existing software installation, the current environment can be used without any modifications. This framework eliminates the need for separate and isolated tools in order to manage each class of storage device.

Easy configuration and operation of the storage system.

A high degree of automation and the easy-to-learn, easy-to-handle graphical user interface facilitate the management tasks. Storage resource optimization (including the implementation of policies for enhancing storage integration and operation, error discovery, health monitoring, capacity management, provisioning, cloning, backup, restore, and disaster recovery) are displayed with a consistent, user-friendly look and feel.

The user interface is based on a three-step operational concept: Select the type of action you want to perform from a well-structured menu, check the status and execute the task. Helpful wizards, system data visualization and automated routine administration tasks reduce the monitoring and management workload.

The supplied web-based start-up wizard is all that is required for initial installation. Ongoing changes and system expansion are supported by equally intuitive wizard-based operations.


ETERNUS SF Express – Simplified management for entry level

ETERNUS SF Express is bundled with ETERNUS DX entry-level disk storage systems for simplified storage system management and maintenance. For those users installing storage systems for the first time, Express provides an easy-to-use wizard setup panel. This ensures that all the parameters and settings, including the connection of disk storage systems with all the application servers, are simple and straightforward.

Easy upgrade to the full feature set

Simply entering a license key for the ETERNUS SF software activates a shift to enterprise storage management software, which comprises a more comprehensive set of functionalities for storage resource management and advanced replication capabilities. This supports the cutoff procedures to reconstruct the environment while protecting storage investments.

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser simplifies the set-up of disk storage systems and the management of ETERNUS DX storage environments. Its ability to support complex storage configurations and settings via the user-friendly graphical interface enables administrators to implement storage environments easily.

Once operational, ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser supports stable system operation by providing centralized management for the entire storage environment, including servers and Fibre Channel switches. ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser also provides all storage system lifecycle functions, from configuration to maintenance. The resulting improved availability and stable operation reduce operation management costs, help support Green IT and enable the implementation of virtualized IT systems.

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager (ACM) enables high-speed and high-reliability backup/restore and replication operations. To achieve continuous 24 x 7 business continuity, ETERNUS SF ACM takes over all the tasks involved in implementing a disaster-resilient storage infrastructure.

ETERNUS SF ACM thus significantly reduces operational downtime, especially in large-volume, transaction-intensive environments. The software can be deployed in conjunction with a wide range of mainstream database environments, including Oracle Database, SQL Server, DB2 and Exchange Server, thus providing reliable high-speed data copying without going offline and without downtime.

Data center managers can benefit from:

■ High-speed backup operations

■ Fast backup and restore, regardless of data volume

■ Disaster recovery with remote copy

■ Fast recovery of business operations

■ Database backups without interruptions or heavy loads

■ VMware environment backup/restore

■ Hyper-V guest online backup


Another important aspect of consolidation is the ability to provide reports on the storage usage of different applications, as it simplifies the billing procedure done by the storage administrator.

From ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser V16.6 on, reporting functionality is provided for ETERNUS DX S2, S3 & S4 models. Reports of storage space assignment to servers are automatically generated periodically (monthly). Administrators can generate reports and manually set parameters such as start and end time.

The reports are generated in XML format enabling customers to convert the data according to their preference. The reports can then be exported for billing calculation.

The next version supports CSV format.

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