The new Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 range of storage platforms finally comes up with a storage solution that makes sense.  With budgets squeezed, data growth and performance an issue for many companies, the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 provides the long term storage strategy that you have been looking for.

Here’s why the new ETERNUS DX S3 could save £’s in capital expenditure.

  1. A single, simple to use GUI that is common across all platforms – So train once
  2. A Unified Storage Architecture covering Fibre Channel 16Gb, iSCSI 1GbE or 10Gbe, FCoE, InfiniBand and NAS (CIFS/NFS) – Whatever the application, there is an interface
  3. Outgrown your existing ETERNUS no problem, take your existing disk tray, connect it to your new ETERNUS platform and it will be there – Less downtime more uptime
  4. Redundant controllers and paths to data ensures continuous uptime ensure 5x 9’s reliability
  5. Need more performance, then the ETERNUS DX S3 provides this in abundance from 15,000 – 1,000,000 IOP’s depending on the model – Less worry about specifying performance criteria

Superior Fujitsu ETERNUS DX design

Fujitsu adopt the Japanese approach through continuous improvement (Kaizen) and the latest Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 builds on the previous ETERNUS S2 model by improving performance across the board.  These design changes make the new Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 range a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive storage arena.

Advance features


With the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 you set performance limits for each connected server according to its priority. By prioritising data access and dynamically managing any I/O conflict, high performance can be guaranteed for high-priority applications, and at the same time capacity is used more efficiently, thus increasing storage utilisation without sacrificing performance. The QoS policies allow the user to specify the expected I/O patterns of each application (random, sequential, read or write-based, and mixed).

Cache Protector

ETERNUS DX S3 scalable entry-level models guarantee data security even in the event of cache failure because cache is redundantly configured and constantly mirrored.

If the power supply fails, the controller cache is automatically evacuated and data is placed in an internal SSD. A system capacitor unit (SCU) provides sufficient power to always ensure that all data is successfully rescued. The internal SSD protects the data indefinitely.

Fujitsu ETERNUS SF Software features

Fujitsu unlike other vendors provides you with all the software features using ETERNUS SF v16 under a simple license agreement these include.

  1. Thin provisioning
  2. Snapshot
  3. Clone volumes & drives remotely or locally
  4. Fully supports data encryption at the drive or LUN level
  5. Automated operations through VAAI*/ VASA**/ SRM / ODX ensures tight integration with VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V
    1. * VAAI = VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration
    2. ** VASA = VMware vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness
    3. Data Deduplication will be a firmware release in 2014

The ETERNUS SF Management Suite complements the family with its simple setup and administration functionalities. This unified management system ensures that an IT administrator, once trained to operate a specific system in the ETERNUS DX family, will also be able to manage the other models within the family.


The complete Fujitsu ETERNUS DX range is fully supported by VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V & Citrix thus ensuring whatever your virtual platform, you have the peace of mind and knowledge that it is has been fully tested and certified to work in your environment.

Fujitsu product line

Over the past few years the leading storage vendors have been acquiring companies to provide certain storage functionality and features; this has led to a disjointed storage portfolio, which requires constant retraining, interoperability issues and a rip and replace architecture.

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 Business Centric Approach takes the headache of trying to pigeon hole storage to perform a certain task and creates pools of storage from the same or different vendors to solves business decisions.

Fujitsu combines a market leading performance architecture with automated quality of service management.

Why consider Fujitsu?

This is not easy to summarise but I believe as a Fujitsu Expert Partner they unlike other vendors, listen to what customers would like to see and then bring the products to market.


As you can see the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 series provides Business-centric approach to storage, by providing:

If you want to know more about Fujitsu and the new Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 range of Business-centric storage please call us on 01256 782030 or email or visit our website ETERNUS DX or visit our Data Storage site to discover more Fujitsu products.

As a partner we are 100% behind Fujitsu and believe that they deliver on promises, provide value for money and provide solutions that make a difference.

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