Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX2550 M4

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX2550 M4 Server

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX2550 M4 server is a new dual socket tower server designed for delivering excellent workload versatility for businesses, expandability with high cost-effectiveness. It’s Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family CPUs plus up to 768GB DDR4 memory, are ideal for most CPU/memory driven workloads. Up to 32 storage drives, advanced RAID and high-throughput networking options drive collaborative/IT infrastructure and high-data transfer workloads. Up to 8 expansion slots enable future growth while high efficiency, redundant power supplies enhance reliability and advance savings. The iRMC S5 delivers optimal administration across the life-cycle.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX2550 M4 Server

The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX2550 M4 is a brand new dual socket tower server designed for demanding business needs to deliver the highest levels of workload versatile performance,
expandability and cost-effectiveness. This office ready, powerful system comes with the latest Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family CPUs with 26 cores, along with DDR4 memory technology
with up to 768GB capacity and is ideal for most CPU/memory driven requirements such as demanding business applications (industry specific, analytics apps), business processing (ERP, CRM) and virtualized workloads. The server is designed for huge expandability with up to 32 storage drives, advanced RAID and a range of high-throughput networking cards including DynamicLOM options, making it highly suitable for storage centric requirements such as collaboration/IT infrastructure workloads and even high-data transfer web or big-data configurations. Up to 8 expansion slots are available for future growth.

An optional high-end graphics card can boost performance for graphics intensive applications, display infrastructure. The server is designed for silent operation, ideal for offices. The server also
delivers world-class reliability and energy efficiency up to 96% efficient, dual power supplies. Operation in higher ambient temperatures is ensured by the Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design, avoiding the need for expenditure on special cooling. Furthermore, the server supports the Fujitsu iRMC S5, to enhance admin productivity and ease server usage across the entire life-cycle.

Chipset Intel® C624
Mainboard type D3386
Product Type Dual Socket Tower Server
Processor Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family
Memory 4 GB - 768 GB, DIMM (DDR4)
Memory protection Advanced ECC, SDDC
Drives (optional) DVD-ROM, half height, SATA I
DVD Super Multi, half height, SATA I
LTO5HH Ultrium, 140 MB/s, 1,500 GB, SAS 6Gb/s
DVD supermulti, ultraslim, SATA I
Blu-ray Disc™ Triple Writer, ultraslim, SATA I
RDX Drive, 100 MB/s, 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, USB 3.0
LTO6HH Ultrium, 160 MB/s, 2,500 GB, SAS 6Gb/s
LTO7HH Ultrium, 300 MB/s, 2,500 GB, SAS 6Gb/s
PCI-Express 3.0 x8 5 x Full height Note: 2 of the slots become available via optional riser card. Refer to configurator for details
PCI-Express 3.0 x16 3 x Full height Note: 2 of the slots become available with second CPU. Refer to configurator for details. One x16 PCIe slot is available with the first CPU
PCI-slots 1 x PCI 32Bit, available via optional riser card. Refer to configurator for details
Slot Notes in SAS configuration 1x PCI-Express occupied by modular RAID controller
Accessible drive bays 3 x 5.25/1.6-inch
Optional accessible drives 3x 1.6 x 5.25" bays for an optical and/or backup drives
All possible options described in relevant system configurator.
Storage drive bays 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch hot-plug SAS/SATA
4 x 3.5-inch hot-plug SAS/SATA
8 x 3.5-inch hot-plug SAS/SATA
8 x 2.5-inch hot-plug SAS/SATA
16 x 2.5-inch hot-plug SAS/SATA
24 x 2.5-inch hot-plug SAS/SATA
optional expandable up to 8 storage drives
optional expandable up to 12 storage drives
not expandable
optional expandable up to 24 storage drives
optional expandable up to 32 storage drives


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