Fujitsu & NetApp NFLEX

Hyper-converged Infrastructure using Fujitsu & NetApp NFLEX

The Fujitsu & NetApp NFLEX is a hyper-converged infrastructure that is factory integrated and pre-installed, tested and configured by Fujitsu/NetApp that contains all of the components to install and run within a week.  Fujitsu & NetApp NFLEX is available in a rack ready to run (non-rack also available).  All you need to do is decide on the model using a single SKU and place your order, from there the system is built in Germany at the Fujitsu factory and shipped.  Typically from placement of order to installation takes less than 1 month!  Maintenance and support are covered by phoning a single number and from here both hardware/software are dealt with efficiently and easily to ensure your system maintains it's 99.9999% up-time.

Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX Solution


  • Get it right the first time with pre-configured, tested, and validated solutions.
  • Reduce strategic and operational risk by partnering with the longest converged-infrastructure alliance in the industry.
  • Protect your investment with a future-proof solution.
  • Prepare for hybrid cloud with confidence.

Exceptional Capabilities

Accelerated workloads = Faster delivery of services and lower total cost.

  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers deliver the industry’s fastest virtualisation platform as proven by its #1 performance* across all three categories of VMware’s performance benchmark and
    offering a higher density among 2U chassis configurations, with up to 4 bays for dual socket nodes.
  • NetApp delivers the high performance I/O connectivity, high transactional performance, low latency, and enterprise-class data management needed to support high-density flash.

NFLEX Management

Simplification applies to the Management Experience in unprecedented fashion thanks to the management environment built into Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX. In addition, NFLEX comes integrated with Fujitsu ServerView Infrastructure Manager (ISM), an agile software enabling simplified IT operations and unified converged management across server, storage and networking devices.

It helps automate device configuration, execute mass installation of operating systems, firmware updates, provide visibility into the entire data centre environment, which includes VMs. Amongst others, ISM integrates with VMware vCenter, enabling an in-depth insight into the virtual environment. ISM helps increase customer response time and meet SLAs by significantly reducing
firmware update time across devices, reducing power consumption and increasing system availability

Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX Models

With four models to choose NFLEX provides a convenient way to start with a hyper-converged infrastructure solution out of the box.  Start with a 2 nodes and scale up to 12 Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX2560 servers and from a FAS2650 with 4x 960GB SSD, 20x 900GB SAS to a NetApp AFF.  All ready to run with VMware vSphere pre-installed.

Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX models

Are you ready for Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX?

Empower your business and accelerate value through a Fujitsu and NetApp converged infrastructure. NFLEX delivers a simplified experience, saving time and cost by purchasing from a single SKU of four pre-configured sizes, seeing faster time to value with a solution that works Day 1 and increasing up-time and productivity with a single point of contact for support. Exceptional capabilities help you gain data centre efficiencies to deliver higher value IT services at a lower cost, accelerate workloads to deliver services faster while reducing power consumption and energy costs. Have complete confidence by partnering with innovative industry leaders to secure your data and grow your business, protecting your investment with a future-proof solution and reducing strategic and operational risk.

We're here to help

As trusted partners we can assist in providing a complete solution to deliver your Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX simply, efficiently and affordably.  Call us now on 01256 331614 to find out more.

Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX Overview

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