Business-centric Storage

Disk Storage Series

The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX disk storage is business-centric in many ways.  It supports superior storage consolidation with an all-in-one approach that also covers unified connectivity.  The ETERNUS DX performance architecture is ideal for applications requiring fast response times – even transactional and analytical tasks can be processed in parallel.  The seamless family concept, ranging from entry-level to high-end segment, includes one single management suite for all systems, enabling customers to balance and prioritise their system resources to satisfy user or application requirements and achieve optimised business continuity.  The systems also deliver automated and affordable Quality of Service management.  The deep integration into hypervisor technologies makes ETERNUS DX the perfect system for virtualisation scenarios, ensuring high VM density and faster ROI.  The benefits of ETERNUS DX have an immediate impact on business IT environments.

Data Protection Appliances


The ETERNUS CS storage solutions offer outstanding data protection for dynamic infrastructures. ETERNUS CS minimises backup times and fulfils all recovery time objectives for each business critical environment.

By aligning tape, disk and advanced deduplication technology into a suitable ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) strategy, enterprise data protection can be flexibly aligned to different SLAs.

ETERNUS CS enables the consolidation of storage devices for data protection thus simplifying your company’s administration, saving energy and lowering the total cost of storage, while making efficient use of the most cost-effective technologies.